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Vital 3 Joint Solution – 3 bottles, 16.5 mL (5.5 mL ea.) + Joint Cream

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  • All-natural product supports joint comfort and range of motion
  • No pills or injections and no known side effects or drug interactions
  • Developed in world-renowned laboratories in the United States
  • Dosage, effectiveness and lack of side effects determined in 10 human trials

Ingredients: Biologically Active Peptide Fragments of Collagen Type II-1, Distilled Watter, Acetic Acid

Directions: Invert the dropper bottle at about a 45º angle (not completely upside down) and dispense three (3) drops of Vital 3 in 4-6 ounces of any fruit juice or water (not grapefruit juice or hot beverages) and drink at least 10 minutes to first eating in the morning.