How does Vital 3 work?

Through a mechanism called oral tolerance, Vital 3 is absorbed through the small intestine, where it provides targeted support for the immune system as it maintains and improves joint health.*

Our joints are surrounded by synovial tissue — the tissue that contains and lubricates your joints. Vital 3 supports a chain reaction of natural processes that helps improve healthy joint comfort and mobility within the joint — with no side effects!*

What side effects might I experience?

None — there are no side effects, safety issues, or allergies associated with the use of Vital 3. Users of Vital 3 have reported no side effects, and 10 human clinical studies have shown no known side effects or negative drug interactions. Across all 10 studies, there was not a single adverse event reported. Vital 3 is completely natural and designed to support your body's own natural healthy joint repair processes.*


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"After taking Vital 3 I am amazed at the free movement I now have in my legs and hips which I did not think I would experience. I had been having stiffness in my left leg in particular and Vital 3 has helped me immensely." *

– M. Walsh

"I am 84 years old and have found that since taking Vital 3, I have more flexibility in all of my joints which is making life much more enjoyable." *

– S. K. Loader

"Since using Vital 3, there has been a recognizable decrease in knee pain while mobility and general functioning have improved. The need for invasive knee surgery has diminished." *

– D. Mair

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