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What is Vital 3?

Vital 3 is a completely natural product that works with your body to improve joint comfort. Many people using Vital 3 have experienced dramatic improvement in joint comfort, flexibility and mobility.*

Unlike many supplements, Vital 3 was developed in world-renowned laboratories in the United States. The dosage, effectiveness, safety, and lack of side effects were determined in 10 human trials, which were run at the highest standards.

Vital 3 is composed of biologically active fragments of Collagen Type II-n1. To make this, highly purified collagen is trimmed of alpha 1 polypeptide chains, creating the type II-n1 form. It is produced in the United States under laboratory conditions exactly like those used to produce pharmaceuticals. It contains no shellfish, no glucosamine, no chondroitin, and no MSM. The manufacturing process and the supplement itself are protected by 14 U.S. and 14 international patents.

Vital 3 has had truly life-changing results for many people. Try it at no risk and see if Vital 3 works for you.

Vital 3 is a safe, natural liquid nutritional supplement to improve joint comfort, flexibility and mobility. Instead of masking pain, Vital 3 supports improved joint comfort and range of motion. There are no pills, no injections, no side effects, and no drug interactions.*

Inflammation is the body's natural response to foreign substances or inappropriate organisms. The word arthritis comes from the Greek words arthron (joint) and itis (inflammation). Chronic inflammation — joints that are inflamed over a long period of time — can wear away cartilage. The longer the disease is active, the more joint damage can occur. Inflammation leads to pain, stiffness, and swelling. Reducing inflammation allows the body's natural healing properties to work more effectively.

Joint Health

Age and injury can lead to tender and sensitive joints that limit everyday activities...

Vital 3 helps to train the body’s immune system to naturally improve joint comfort and mobility as part of the body’s natural process to maintain healthy joints. Just three drops a day of Vital 3’s naturally derived collagen helps stimulate this targeted response.*

How to Improve Joint Health

Begin with a healthy lifestyle that includes eating well, watching your weight, and moderate exercise. Pay attention to measures of joint health like flexibility, stiffness, range of motion and balance. Vital 3 works naturally to support body processes that help maintain and improve joint health.*

Unlike other pain-reduction nutritional supplements, we know exactly how Vital 3 works. It is the outcome of more than $45 million in research and 10 human clinical trials.

How Vital 3 Works

Vital 3 takes a breakthrough approach to joint health with a unique formulation that helps maintain and improve joint health right at the joint site. Talk to your doctor about using Vital 3. It's nothing like the other treatments you've tried.

Oral Tolerance

Vital 3 works via a mechanism called oral tolerance. As it is absorbed through the mucosal tissue in the small intestine, Vital 3 provides targeted support for the immune system to maintain and improve joint health. These immune cells react only with synovial tissue — the tissue that contains and lubricates your joints.

Essentially, through this chain of events, Vital 3 supports your immune system by producing health sustaining cells right at the joint site.*

Chain of Beneficial Reactions

Vital 3 trains your immune system to help maintain and improve joint health directly in your joints — with no side effects!

Using the patented liquid formulation of specifically engineered Collagen Type II-n1 (the principal structural protein in cartilage and ligaments), Vital 3 travels directly to the source of discomfort to work with your body's natural systems for joint building and defense. It's easily absorbed by the body and proven safe and effective. No reported side effects or negative drug interactions were seen in 10 human clinical studies. Research shows that many aches and discomfort can be caused by the immune system reacting to stress conditions in the joints. Vital 3 can help "train" the body not to overreact to stressed joints.*

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How is Vital 3 Different?

Other joint health options include masking the pain ("pain killers") or trying nutritive building blocks (such as glucosamine and chondroitin).

Vital 3 takes a breakthrough approach to joint health: it safely stimulates a joint-focused response. Vital 3 can improve joint comfort, flexibility and mobility — with just three drops a day — for natural healthy joint support. And since we have the patent, no one else can offer this unique treatment.*

Unlike most other supplements, efficacy, dosage, safety, and the lack of drug interactions have been tested in double-blind trials according to the highest standards. Vital 3 has been subjected to some of the most extensive clinical trials ever conducted on a nutritional supplement. More than $45 million was spent on human trials led by prominent rheumatologists according to the FDA's Good Clinical Practice Guidelines.

For many people, Vital 3 has life-changing results. We suggest that you try Vital 3 yourself, at no risk. If it doesn't work for you, send us back the bottle for a refund. There is no risk: no side effects, no drug interactions, and it's easy to take — just three drops a day. If Vital 3 doesn't give you relief, we refund your money.

Sophisticated Pharmaceutical Process

Vital 3 is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards, which ensures its purity, quality, and strength.

To make Vital 3, Collagen Type II-n1 is ground into a powder using a heat-free process, then dissolved in acetic acid, which is antimicrobial and also stabilizes the product. The resulting liquid is then treated with natural enzymes to remove telopeptides (part of the collagen protein),which makes Vital 3 more stable, more easily absorbed, and more likely to stimulate the regulatory T cells. This liquid solution is then purified using precipitation (turning it back into a solid form), which refines and filters it, before it is added to distilled water, making it into a liquid again.

The precise manufacturing conditions are patented, meaning we are the only manufacturer legally allowed to create a product using the same purification process.

See our pharmaceutical process.

Clinical Background

Since 1991, more than $45 million has been spent researching Vital 3. Prominent rheumatologists with major university affiliations studied its effects and safety in 10 human clinical trials. Plus, Vital 3's sophisticated manufacturing process is protected by 14 U.S. patents and 14 international patents.

Unique Pathway

Vital 3 works via a mechanism called oral tolerance, in which the natural function of immune system cells in the digestive system recognize and tolerate proteins that are introduced. The tolerance process trains the body to react in a healthy way with its own natural proteins in joint tissues, which aids in joint comfort and mobility.*

Active Benefits

When Vital 3 enters the small intestine, it moves into Peyer's patches. As it is digested, Vital 3 helps the immune system in the healthy natural conditioning of joint tissues that improves and maintains joint comfort, flexibility and mobility. Vital 3 trains the body to help joints feel better, move better, and to create conditions that allow joints to heal naturally.*

Clinical Trials

Vital 3 has undergone rigorous testing for both safety and effectiveness. Validating its use and results at world-renowned university medical schools, Vital 3 has successfully been studied in 10 human clinical trials, including children's studies, with impressive results. As these clinical tests have proven, users taking this high-potency, patented formulation reported waking up to improved joint comfort, range of motion and increased mobility in as little as six weeks of treatment — with no reported side effects or drug interactions.

Is Vital 3 Right For You?

Download a PDF of the following table and print it out. Mark your current level of joint comfort, morning stiffness, and mobility issues (problems moving around). After two weeks and after four weeks of trying Vital 3, mark your levels of comfort and mobility. Once you have finished one bottle of Vital 3 — a six-week supply — rank your levels again. We think you'll see improvement! If you don't, return the empty bottle for a full refund. There are no side effects, and no drug interactions. There is no risk!


"Four years ago I was told that I would never play tennis again. I have to serve underhand, but I can play a set of singles quite nicely. Thanks very much for this invention." *

– P. Ashton

"Since trying this product, I am finding amazing results. I can now cycle longer distances in comfort. Thank you so much!" *

– G. Holtkamp

"Can't thank you enough for this wonderful product, Vital 3. My knees are more flexible and I have no further need of a walking stick." *

– I. Carter

Three-Drop Dose is Crucial

Using anything other than the standard dosage of three drops per day has been shown to significantly decrease the effect of Vital 3, so do not use less than, or more than, three drops. See our findings.

If you forget to take your drops for a day or two, do not increase your dose on subsequent days. Simply start up again with three drops per day. If you go for more than a week without taking Vital 3, just reintroduce Vital 3 to your daily regimen, start back up with the regular dose of 3 drops a day, and soon you should start to feel the benefits you felt before.

Always tell your physician and other healthcare providers about any supplement you are taking, including Vital 3.

You may take Vital 3 with any prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, or supplements you may be taking for joint pain or other conditions. There have been no problems (drug interactions or contraindications) shown with taking Vital 3 with glucosamine, chondroitin, or any other drug or supplement.

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Safety Record

People have been safely using Vital 3 since its first trials in 1991. Studies have shown that people using Vital 3 can reduce joint pain in as little as six weeks, and with ongoing use as directed, continual improvement in joint comfort has been reported. The even better news is that there are no safety issues or allergic reactions associated with the use of Vital 3.

No Side Effects

Across the globe, users of Vital 3 have reported no side effects, and 10 human clinical studies have shown no known side effects or negative drug interactions. Vital 3 is completely natural and designed to support your body's own repair processes.

"I have taken glucosamine and chondroitin for the last 10 years with mild results. After three weeks on Vital 3, I noticed quite a difference. At six weeks of drops, I returned to yoga and noticed a vast difference in my mobility."*

- J. Staddon

No more pills — just 3 drops a day, every day, for improved joint comfort! Vital 3 is easy to use and gentle on the stomach.

For best results, dispense 3 drops into 4 to 6 ounces (half to ¾ of a cup) of fruit juice or water, and drink it at least 10 minutes prior to first eating in the morning. You will not be able to taste the Vital 3 in your beverage.

Do not use grapefruit juice, pomelo juice, or Seville orange juice, which may interfere with the way Vital 3 is digested. All other fruit juices — including orange juice, every other citrus juice, and juice blends — are safe to drink when taking Vital 3.

You can also choose to simply drip the three drops into your mouth directly, upon waking in the morning.

Do not let the product — in its dropper bottle or mixed in a beverage — get too hot. Keep the dropper bottle stored in an area that cannot reach a temperature of 113°F (45°C). Do not add Vital 3 to any hot beverages such as hot coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate (too much heat will destroy the biologically active component of Vital 3).

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