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Customer Testimonials

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We hear from Vital 3® users every day who love our product and can't wait to order more. Many were skeptical when they first heard about Vital 3®, but became believers once they noticed the benefits of Vital 3®. One woman even told us she secretly adds Vital 3® to her husband's daily glass of juice. She said he doesn't believe in taking supplements, but he's amazed at how he feels lately!

Vital 3's benefits are indeed real. Not only has Vital 3® been proven to be effective in human clinical trials, it's also recommended by people who use it all over the world. Everyone is different, and we know that Vital 3® will not work for everyone. But it could have real benefits for you! The following testimonials, which are just a fraction of all we have received, are from real people who use Vital 3®:

Feeling better after my first treatment.***
Dennis P Blomley

Glen Waverly, Australia

I do feel better and I want to continue taking Vital 3®.***
Dolly Shenfield

Nepean, Canada

I am now on my second bottle of Vital 3® Solution. It sounded too good to be true in the brochure, however my joints are much more flexible than before I started taking it. I will give a bottle to my wife to try as I am sure she will get relief from it.***
Roger Keirle

Wellington, Australia

I find that I am able to do things again that I had given up on, such as sewing.***
Celestina Vardenage

Orange, Australia

Yes, I am having excellent results and my life is more active.***
Charles Brook

Beaudesert, Australia

This Vital 3® has helped me tremendously. Your pamphlet landed in my mail box. I was very skeptical when I ordered the first order, but it works. I have recommended it to friends and they have both ordered more than once.***
Grace Genik

Fort Erie, Canada

I used 3 bottles of this and it was wonderful. I'm 85 and I do all my work around my home and love it.***
Imogene Brown

Altoona, AL

I am a seventy year old lady. I have now been taking Vital 3® for seven weeks and am pleasantly surprised. It's wonderful to be able to lunge my two pet ponies and take my dog for a walk each morning. Thank you so much for enabling me to enjoy the lifestyle I love.***
S. V. Whibley

Moree, Australia

I am 82 years old. I take Vital 3® before my regular 20 minute morning gym. I notice that my muscles are much more flexible. My mobility has improved considerably.***
Jean Lachat

Montreal, Canada

I just turned 90 in April. I feel great. I planted a garden and have lots of flowers. I do all my own work, no home care. I am still using Vital 3®. It is great.**
Helen Hames

Oxbow, Canada

I believe Vital 3® has done a lot for me. 2 months ago, I could not walk down the street without hanging onto somebody's arm. I am 80 years young. I would like to continue enjoying my life.***
Paulene Walker

Cochrane, Canada

What a truly little miracle worker! Initially it seemed highly unlikely that only 3 drops a day could have such an amazing effect.***
Brenda Wilson

Guyra, Australia

I have been using Vital 3® for about 2 months. My tennis partner tells me I'm running around like a spring chicken. I'm 70 years of age. Looking forward to my next tennis match.***
Peter Blundell

Coffs Harbour, Australia

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Does Vital 3 work?

Yes - 10 human clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of Vital 3® to decrease joint discomfort, morning stiffness, and mobility issues. These trials have also determined the optimal dosage, safety, and confirmed that it has no side effects or drug interactions.

What are the benefits of Vital 3?

The reviews are in from people worldwide - Vital 3® works. Vital 3®, a natural liquid supplement has an active ingredient (biologically active peptide fragments of Collagen Type II-n1) that can improve joint comfort and mobility while contributing to overall joint health.

Is Vital 3 better than glucosamine and chondroitin?

Unlike glucosamine or chondroitin, Vital 3® works through a process called oral tolerance. The unique proteins in Vital 3®, from the undenatured form of Type II Collagen, help to train the body’s immune system to naturally improve joint comfort and mobility. If you notice a benefit from glucosamine and chondroitin, Vital 3® could be a perfect complement to your joint health efforts. And if glucosamine and chondroitin have not given you the results you're looking for, then a risk-free trial supply of Vital 3® just might be the solution.

Vital 3® is prepared under the most stringent laboratory conditions using pharmaceutical processing techniques. Vital 3® is so advanced that it - and its production methods - are protected by 14 U.S. and 14 international patents. It is available without a prescription, and has no side effects and no drug interactions.