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Dosage FAQ

If three drops work well, wouldn't six drops work even better?

Actually, no. You should not decrease or increase the dose of three drops per day as the dose has been proven to be crucial to see an effect (see Figure 3). Over the course of 10 human clinical trials, researchers found that just three drops is the ideal dose for supporting flexibility, mobility and joint comfort. It also means, when used as directed, each bottle of Vital 3® lasts up to six full weeks!

What if I forget to take a dose?

If you forget to take your drops for a day or two, do not increase your dose on subsequent days. Simply start up again with three drops per day. If you go for more than a week without taking Vital 3®, you may notice a change. If you choose to reintroduce Vital 3® to your daily regimen, start back up with the regular dose of three drops a day, and soon you should start to feel the benefits you felt before.

Is it harmful if I accidentally take too many drops in a day?

No, it is not harmful, but it also is not beneficial to take more than 3 drops daily. Using anything other than the standard dosage of three drops per day, over time, has been shown to significantly decrease the effect of Vital 3® (see Figure 3). The precisely calibrated, consistent low dose has been proven to be crucial to see an effect.

Can I add Vital 3® to food? Can I add it to a smoothie?

No, studies have shown that, for best results, Vital 3® must be taken on an empty stomach. Take it with a cold liquid such as juice or water when you first wake up, at least 10 minutes before eating breakfast.

What does Vital 3® taste like? Will it ruin my morning OJ?

Vital 3 is virtually tasteless, colorless and odorless. You can mix it in with your favorite juice or even into a glass of water — you'll never know it's there. But as the days and weeks pass, you'll have the proof you're looking for. When you step out of bed, turn a doorknob, walk down stairs — even hit the dance floor or hit some golf balls. Vital 3® can help support healthy joint mobility and range of motion.

Can I take Vital 3® with vegetable juice? Carbonated drinks? Alcoholic drinks?

We do not recommend taking Vital 3® with any beverages other than water or fruit juice, simply because those are the beverages that were used in the clinical trials.

Can I take Vital 3® if I am pregnant or nursing?

Women of childbearing age who intend to become pregnant, or who are pregnant or nursing (breastfeeding), should consult with their physician before taking any supplement or medication.

Can I take Vital 3® if I am allergic to chicken or eggs?

Because of Vital 3's sophisticated manufacturing process, you can still safely take it even if you have an allergy to chicken or eggs. However, you should consult with your physician before taking any supplement or medication.

Is Vital 3® kosher? Is it halal?

No, Vital 3® is not kosher or halal.

Can my child use Vital 3®?

Yes, Vital 3® was tested under controlled conditions to assure safety for children. Children need to follow the same dosing regimen as adults. If you are considering Vital 3® for your child, be sure to discuss it with your pediatrician.

Is the dose the same for people of different ages, genders, or weights?

Yes, the dose is three drops per day, used as directed, regardless of your age, gender, or weight.

Does Vital 3® come in pill form?

No, Vital 3® is available only as a liquid solution because of its proven dosing mechanism (three precise drops), and is available without a prescription.

What if my bottle of Vital 3® gets cold or frozen?

Vital 3® is not adversely affected by cold. If the liquid inside the bottle becomes frozen, simply let it thaw at room temperature until it returns to liquid form. However, do not let Vital 3® get too hot.  Keep the dropper bottle stored in an area that cannot reach a temperature of 113°F (45°C). Do not add Vital 3® to any hot beverages such as hot coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate (cocoa).

Can I take Vital 3® with my other medications?

Vital 3® is made of a very specific form of collagen — the natural protein building block of joint cartilage. It is clinically designed to work with your body and should not interfere with any other medications that you're taking. But as with any other nutritional supplement, you should check with your doctor before taking Vital 3®.

What if I'm already taking glucosamine and chondroitin?

Glucosamine and chondroitin have worked for many. And like Vital 3®, they work together to naturally build joints, ease stiffness and improve mobility. But glucosamine and chondroitin do not help support the body's healthy immune response within joint tissues. If you notice a benefit from glucosamine and chondroitin, Vital 3® could be a perfect complement to your joint health efforts. And if glucosamine and chondroitin have not given you the results you're looking for, then a risk-free trial supply of Vital 3® just might be the solution.

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How do I know Vital 3 works?

10 human clinical trials have shown that Vital 3® offers effective support for joint comfort, flexibility, and mobility. These trials have also determined the optimal dosage, safety, and confirmed that it has no known negative side effects or drug interactions.

What are the benefits of Vital 3?

The reviews are in from people worldwide - Vital 3® is great! Vital 3®, a natural liquid supplement has an active ingredient (biologically active peptide fragments of Collagen Type II-n1) that can help maintain joint comfort and mobility while supporting to overall joint health.

Is Vital 3 better than glucosamine and chondroitin?

Unlike glucosamine or chondroitin, Vital 3® works by supporting a healthy immune response. The unique proteins in Vital 3®, from the undenatured form of Type II Collagen, help to train the body’s immune system to naturally promote joint comfort and mobility. If you notice a benefit from glucosamine and chondroitin, Vital 3® could be a great way to combine joint-supporting efforts. And if glucosamine and chondroitin have not given you the results you're looking for, then a risk-free trial supply of Vital 3® just might be a better option for healthy joint support.

Vital 3® is prepared under the most stringent laboratory conditions using pharmaceutical processing techniques. Vital 3® is so advanced that it - and its production methods - are protected by 14 U.S. and 14 international patents. It is available without a prescription, and has no known negative side effects and no known drug interactions.